Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Garden Tool

Over the winter I started tinkering with a hand tool that I have been using for many years. This little Hand Hoe is great for clipping off little weeds just under the soil surface. I had a really crude version of this made with a steel strap and an old stake. I got a small bench lathe not too long ago and wanted to give it a try and this idea came to mind. The handle is about 11 inches long with a steel loop that you can easily shape for getting into the tight spots around the base of your plants. The handle is also western red cedar with one coat of clear sealant.

I have looked on line for something like this and in some of the different garden shops around my area and have not found one like it. The closest thing I could find was a circle hand hoe at Lee Valley Tools and that sells for about $18.50 each. I now have these on our main web site right on the front page. They are listed for $9.00 each and can be shipped at any time.

To get your own just pop on over to Estate Perennials .

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