Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Season

Well another season is soon drawing to an end. It has been an unusually cool and wet summer. The lilies are growing but still show signs of frost damage from last year. I believe the added stress of nearly on rain last year for most of the season did not help things much. There were not a lot of flowers blooming here on the martagon lilies, but most showed good growth. I hope the season has helped the bulbs bulk up. We start digging for the few orders we have this following week.
Next year should be a good year for seeing colour in the garden.

I will soon have new photos of some of the Asiatic Lilies brought over from the Fox Lily Ranch. It will be nice to have a fresh look at some of the Alberta bred lilies that I have not had a chance to see before this summer.

Work has also begun on a CD directory of the registered Alberta Lilies. Hope fully a good portion of it will be finished for this fall or early spring to share a first edition.

Have a great weekend.

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