Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lilies From Seed

So of the last while I have been slowly working on putting a guide together on growing lilies from seed.
All the little tips and hints I can think of that I usually use around here, and some of the things I learnt over 12 years of growing lilies for mail order, wholesale, some cut flowers and as a finished product at the local Farmers Market.
I am working with and online company called Smashwords. They have all the tools and connections to help send my little booklet out into the world.

Here is what the book cover looks like:


Soon you should be able to find a copy for the iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Kobo and Sony Reader in each of their online stores. If you can't wait that long you can get a copy now for all of those plus for your home computer or mac book through Smashwords by following this link http://smashwords.com/books/view/266620

You can even get the free preview there now and get a sample to read for FREE!

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